The Secret Life of Trees 6

Last summer I kept noticing how each tree has an individual character. It’s like each one is saying something

This one screams in anguish: “I can’t take it anymore!”
This one screams in anguish: "I can't take it anymore!"

This one has dedicated its life to scarring little children


Can you feel the parental guidance in this one?


This one has fallen over yet continues to reach out to the sky in creative ways


This tree looks pregnant


These two are locked in an eternal embrace


This one has pimples and says “whatever!” all the time.


Nothing to do with the tree. This one is about goofy humans projecting.


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6 thoughts on “The Secret Life of Trees

  • Linda Fast

    I love the imagination, I too picture people and monsters in the branches at night, silhouettes against the lamp lights.

  • Debi Rumph

    Very imaginative and ingenious for you to be able to connect with these trees! I often wonder what we would do without our trees. Trees are an important part of lives including ours and our children! Thank you for this opportunity.