My artistic adventures

I Love You Graffiti

Found this in the Confessions section of the of the Georgia Straight yesterday. Found it strangely moving. I wish I had pictures of the I Love You graffiti that it refers to.  


Tired Flamenco Feet

Tired Flamenco Feet 1

Acrylic on Canvas 24×24 I tried to capture how joyfuly impossible flamenco is. Naturally this painting made me want to pull my hair on many occasions. I spend two months dragging it out, putting it away, loving it, hating it, wanting to set on fire and finally getting it to […]

scribble on an oil painting

Vandalizing Art 2

Last week I heard the story on the news about the Rothko painting which was vandalized in the Tate museum. A man simply walked up to the painting and wrote on it with a black marker – an action I disapprove of. The story made me think about what work […]

Anonymous is the new Famous 4

I am currently writing a novel which mentions the British graffiti artist Banksy. I had some familiarity with his work, but since his art work is used as a contrast point for my main character at an important junction in the plot, I decided to do as much research as […]

elephant in the room

tree bark

Being a Muse Sucks 3

Believe me darling! … I would love to paint you. The way you are sitting right now on the couch with your head cocked to the side and your mouth tilted bearing a smirk that says I am smiling while I frown, would make a magnificent painting. But before I […]

Shameless 1

Acrylic on Canvas 24 x 18   I painted this painting infront of a live audience for a charity. It felt like a performance. Initially, I felt nervouse. Normally when I paint at home, I paint while I am in the flow, as soon as I feel stuck, I walk […]