Storyteller’s Promise 2

If I told you that there is a path that will not make you rich, in fact might make you less rich than you are today, will not make you more popular, in fact might make you less popular, will not bring you enlightenment, will not give you happiness, will […]

Orange Flowers against sky and beach

Orange is not my favorite color

Orange is not my favorite color (poem)

I am lonely I am lonely I wear an orange dress to cheer me up Reminds me of the sun a subtle embrace intensity of your gaze Orange is only my second favorite color. With you I wore rain and wind Your heat was enough to brighten my days This […]

The Digital Me

The digital me smiles a lot flicks and pixels dance in circles A forest covered in acrylics I want to reach you. Touch my bleached teeth! allow me to fondle arrows with a cursor Somebody in China reads my post yet you in particular leave no trace Don’t notice me […]

Vancouver Graffiti

I Want to be Purple Dance

I Want to Be Purple :: The Song

Shortly after I finished formatting Graffiti Hack, a poem popped into my head inspired by the crazy writing process. Next thing I know I was turning it into a song and creating a choreography for it. The novel is a gift that continues giving in most unexpected ways. I am […]

Sand and Shadow Make Love

Sand and shadow make love One says to the other You are so glorious That you wedge yourself in secret corners Contemplating a single particle of you Recreates the whole universe   Sand replied You are so graceful You allow beauty to eclipse the sun And during the night you […]

Sand and Shadow Make Love

Graffiti Hack by Elen Ghulam

Graffiti Hack

Nelly Nasah grew up in a culture obsessed with decoration. In her native country, straight lines are anathema. Letters are hand-written into anthropomorphic shapes. Even heart monitoring machines are covered with colourful mosaics. So when Nelly arrives in Washington, D.C. she has a mission—to make the Internet beautiful. She lands […]

Graffiti Hack Enters the World with a Gentle Flutter 4

With rumbling floods of joy and cracking firestorm of anxiety, I present to you my first novel Graffiti Hack, for sale. About Graffiti Hack: Nelly divides her workdays into two chunks: before lunch, she hacks into high-profile websites to install lavish graphical designs-her own brand of digital graffiti; and after […]

Graffiti Hack Enters the World with a Gentle Flutter


I want to be Purple 2

I want to be Purple Purple hair. Purple toes. Purple inside the nose. Not hot. Not cold. Not lukewarm. Purple! Vibrant like the sun. Burning with anguish. Goodbye white teeth My blood no longer red I shall hand out paper towels on street corners drunk with soberness Not blue like […]

The Naked Reader

I try to imagine you – the future reader of my yet unpublished novel. Thinking about what squares in the circles of your mind fills me with dread. The pipes of my inner plumping clog and drain in fits of anxiety as I imagine you reading words that have escaped […]

Mother Graffiti by Thrashbird

Lady on a Bench Searching her Purse in Stanley Park

Lady on a Bench Searching her Purse 2

There is a bronze statue in Stanley Park of a lady sitting on a bench searching through her purse. She is looking for her glasses. I assume to read a book. The glasses are on her head. In life the things we yearn for are within easy reach, if only […]

How not to Write a Book

The victory was the beginning of the defeat. I look back at the way I wrote my first book and shake my head with disbelief. Ridicules, stupiduficuleos, Moroniclitionliouse. Superclumsyfitxlilioucious. Should I burn with the fire shame ? Or drench myself with the more comforting waters of laughter. Water and fire […]

moss on a tree

Most Eloquent of Insults 5

Reading a chapter from my novel Graffiti Hack – a story about the east-west cultural clash told through the viral language of the internet. A Little more about the novel   Inspired by her country of origin, Nelly creates a font where each letter is shaped out of a peacock’s […]

Graffiti Hack Bookcover

wood chips yellow

Help me Build a Tofu Dress 3

A shorter version of this story was published in The Globe and Mail on April 17, 2013. You can read that version here. My daughter is both a vegetarian and a Lady Gaga fan. I told her a few months ago that one day when I am famous and about […]

I want to meet you

I want to meet you just as you are. You have a story, memories from the past. list of accomplishments a few missteps or maybe more a title and a role Take them all off strip them one by one and put them in a pile. I want to meet […]

blue nothing

nothing background pistaschio green

Scheherazade Goes West 1

Recently I read a book that is mentioned at the bottom of this post and it inspired the following story. It just popped into my head and I had to write it down. My grandmother used to start stories by saying “Kan ya ma kan, fi qadeem al zaman”. Long […]

Why a fish needs a bicycle

I saw this poem performed live at the a poetry slam a couple of months ago and it was my favorite thing I heard in an evening that included many talented poets. The poem by Johnny MacRae felt like some sort of a cosmic response to the story I wrote […]


toothless smile

The Nasty Voice inside my head 4

There is a vicious voice inside my head, that says the most horrid things. Most of the time, its triads are aimed at me. I call her my inner critic. “You are stupid, worthless, a failure”, the inner critic repeats in an endless cycle, over and over again. Like a […]

Lesson in Kama Sutra

On Oct 16th, 2011, I was asked to read Arabic poetry for a launch party for a new belly dance costume design company(Scheherazade Banoo). Given the occasion I decided to read a poem by famous Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish titled “A Lesson in Kama Sutra”. I read part of the […]


Adventures of Frakash … Page 8

Frakash’s heart was banging against his chest the way the Beanstalk Giant knocked on doors. A swift freight overtook him and he couldn’t remember the tranquility spell from his book – Mastering the Art of Mischief of Every Kind. Down the hallway in a corner next to a window, he […]