Discipline of Undiscipline

“It is impressive! That you can quit your job yet still have the discipline to be productive on your own.” People say upon hearing of my transition from a professional life into a self directed being. “Please don’t be impressed” I want to reply. Discipline was a hurdle in this […]


Spoonful Chronicles

Intense Emotions

“I don’t care if my next protagonist is a serial killer” I thought to myself after I finished writing my first novel. “As long as he or she is easy to get along with.” The seven year I spent with the main character of that story have frayed my nerves […]

How I became a writer :: Flamenco Dance Story

You can read a longer written down version of the story here. This is my second foray into combining dance with storytelling. The last video focused on hand movements. This one is all about the feet. It was fun thinking up fun locations to film the walking sequences in. Which […]

Mosaic Creek Park


Dance Me A River

Do you think the Mississippi river ever says: ” I wish I was as long as the Nile?” Does the Yangtze River in China ever lament the fact it flows in only one country when the Amazon washes across a whole continent? Does the calm Euphrates ever say to swift […]

Creativity and Happiness 4

Maud Gonne claimed that the whole world owed her a debt of gratitude for refusing to marry Yates. Had she not rejected the famous poet’s advances we wouldn’t be privy to all that beautiful verse. The biographies of artists and authors are rife with stories of unrequited love, painful childhoods, […]

Sunrise in orange


Author Reading on April 11th 1

Books provide the best nourishment. On Monday April 11 I will be reading from my novel Graffiti Hack. Vancouver Public Library Downtown Vancouver 6:00 – 8:00 pm Alma VanDusen and Peter Kaye rooms 350 West Georgia Street. Free Copies of Graffiti Hack will be available for sale.

Story of a Fish :: Flamenco Dance Story 3

I signed up to participate in the Vancouver Story Slam on March 8th. I took a story from my novel Graffiti Hack and worked on it to shorten it so that it would fit in the 5 minute time limit. My novel is a story that has several stories within […]

Flamenco Hand Movements

MeatCore Book Cover Design

Part 3 in my “how to name a novel odyssey” 1

I am in pure state of distress. My novel is nearing completion, yet a name for it has not arrived. Thinking about names for this thing is now a daily preoccupation. Part 1 and Part 2 of this story are not helping. So here is a third attempt. Meat metaphorically […]

The Earth Shook Last Night

Last night I jumped out of my bed as the whole world was shaking. A 4.3 earth quake had struck Vancouver at 11:30 pm. This morning, I wrote this poem.


Explosion Sandwich 4

Tramezzini is a type of crust-less bread popular in Italy. It’s used in making yummy sandwiches. You can put almost anything in them. I tried to cut them up in interesting ways so that it would like the sandwich exploded and combine it with a poem I wrote called “Last […]


Your feedback in required. Help Me Name The Next Novel 5

I always obsess about what to name a book. How to capture the full range of happenings yet keep it simple and memorable? An impossible task. To find a selection of few words that when combined express the fullness of what takes 300 pages to describe. I have describes previous […]

Book Cover Idea#1 - So Close, I Can Taste It

Garden Gnome to Computer Programmer

The Adventures of Frakash in the Land of the Geekmeisters 1

A couple of weeks ago I watched a movie by Chris Marker called La Jetée. I was totally mesmerized. Photographs overlaid with narration. So simple. Yet the movie was engaging all the way through. Some strange impulse went through me.”I want to give this a try” I kept thinking to […]

Stone Heart

A Fool Makes Love to April

A Fool Makes Love to April One Says to the other You are such a trickster April showers bring an uncanny surprise People adore your beauty It your sense of humor that will be my demise April replies You see me like no other I shall designate an entire day […]

Story illustrated with pancakes

This was a huge amount of work. The most difficult Eat Your Art challenge thus far. Only this one should be called Eat Your Story perhaps. The first edible story in human history. The first batch was a failure. The batter was either too lumpy or too runny. I either […]

story illustrated with pancakes

Gravel and Water Heart

Gravel and Water Made Love

Gravel and Water Made Love One said to the other: You grate me into plops rub me with sizes that shape me wrong Gravel replied: Purity condescending a washes my nature. You tempt well meaning feet to tread where they should not

Storyteller’s Promise 2

If I told you that there is a path that will not make you rich, in fact might make you less rich than you are today, will not make you more popular, in fact might make you less popular, will not bring you enlightenment, will not give you happiness, will […]

Orange Flowers against sky and beach

Orange is not my favorite color

Orange is not my favorite color (poem)

I am lonely I am lonely I wear an orange dress to cheer me up Reminds me of the sun a subtle embrace intensity of your gaze Orange is only my second favorite color. With you I wore rain and wind Your heat was enough to brighten my days This […]

The Digital Me

The digital me smiles a lot flicks and pixels dance in circles A forest covered in acrylics I want to reach you. Touch my bleached teeth! allow me to fondle arrows with a cursor Somebody in China reads my post yet you in particular leave no trace Don’t notice me […]

Vancouver Graffiti

I Want to be Purple Dance

I Want to Be Purple :: The Song

Shortly after I finished formatting Graffiti Hack, a poem popped into my head inspired by the crazy writing process. Next thing I know I was turning it into a song and creating a choreography for it. The novel is a gift that continues giving in most unexpected ways. I am […]

Sand and Shadow Make Love

Sand and shadow make love One says to the other You are so glorious That you wedge yourself in secret corners Contemplating a single particle of you Recreates the whole universe   Sand replied You are so graceful You allow beauty to eclipse the sun And during the night you […]

Sand and Shadow Make Love

Graffiti Hack by Elen Ghulam

Graffiti Hack

Nelly Nasah grew up in a culture obsessed with decoration. In her native country, straight lines are anathema. Letters are hand-written into anthropomorphic shapes. Even heart monitoring machines are covered with colourful mosaics. So when Nelly arrives in Washington, D.C. she has a mission—to make the Internet beautiful. She lands […]

Graffiti Hack Enters the World with a Gentle Flutter 4

With rumbling floods of joy and cracking firestorm of anxiety, I present to you my first novel Graffiti Hack, for sale. About Graffiti Hack: Nelly divides her workdays into two chunks: before lunch, she hacks into high-profile websites to install lavish graphical designs-her own brand of digital graffiti; and after […]

Graffiti Hack Enters the World with a Gentle Flutter

Hand Eaten by Book

No More Insight

I wrote the first book thinking that I had something to say and that somebody out there would find value in reading it. When the book was launched into the world, many who read it corresponded with me telling me their stories, sharing their insights. That part was good and […]

I want to be Purple 2

I want to be Purple Purple hair. Purple toes. Purple inside the nose. Not hot. Not cold. Not lukewarm. Purple! Vibrant like the sun. Burning with anguish. Goodbye white teeth My blood no longer red I shall hand out paper towels on street corners drunk with soberness Not blue like […]


Mother Graffiti by Thrashbird

The Naked Reader

I try to imagine you – the future reader of my yet unpublished novel. Thinking about what squares in the circles of your mind fills me with dread. The pipes of my inner plumping clog and drain in fits of anxiety as I imagine you reading words that have escaped […]