Frankenstein in Baghdad :: Book Review 1

Frankenstein in Baghdad is novel by Iraqi author Ahmad Saadawi. It tells the story of everyday day life of modern Baghdad through a nameless Frankenstein like creature. A seller of old furniture and other used objects, assembles that torn body parts of victims of a terrorist attack into a unified […]

Frankenstein in Baghdad

Grand Budapest Hotel Pastry in Meatballs

The Grand Budapest Hotel Pastry in Meatballs

I enjoyed The Grand Budapest Hotel so much I have already watched it 4 times and even made my children watch it. This is a movie where each frame is a multi layered construction. The more times you watch it, the more things you notice, the greater the enjoyment. The […]

Abstract Pizza Art

So I have a confession to make. I don’t know the best path to explain this. Thus I will stick to the direct approach and just say. I don’t like pizza. I know. Hard to believe. I must be a freak. I love dough. I like tomato sauce. I adore […]

Abstract Pizza Art

North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell book review

North and South :: Book Review

Every once in a while I read something that is so good it makes my heart pound with excitement. I find myself resisting the urge to stand on top of a roof top and yell “This Novel is Amazing, Read it Right Now”. In 2014, I read many good books, […]

Heart Shape Ravioli :: Preparing for Valentine’s Day

While visiting Verona in Italy I came upon Juliet’s balcony. A place where people leave love notes and love letters dedicated to Romeo’s girlfriend. People clamouring over each other, desperate to leave an expression of their love in this temple of absolute love. Such zeal. So much bubbling energy. The […]

Heart Shape Ravioli

Hotdog Socks

The Story of a New Name – Book Review 1

What is it that happened to me since visiting Italy last summer? Something got under my skin. What I eat, how I see and even what I write has been influenced in sometimes subtle and other times bold fashion. Once in a while I find the strangest thought bubble up […]

Saffron Rice Mountain

Last month, I was hosting a large dinner party. One of the guests approached me saying: “This rice is crazy, I can’t stop eating it, what did you put in it?”. “No! it is not cocaine, it is saffron” was my answer. His enthusiasm inspired me to make this video. […]

Saffron Rice Mountain

Christmas Burger in red and green

Christmas Burger

Recently I read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Since this is the story that has come to define the meaning of Christmas for many, I was amused by how much emphasis is placed on food. Flowery language, goes on and on, describing delights ranging from turkey to pudding. At […]

A Fool Makes Love to April

A Fool Makes Love to April One Says to the other You are such a trickster April showers bring an uncanny surprise People adore your beauty It your sense of humor that will be my demise April replies You see me like no other I shall designate an entire day […]

Stone Heart

Andy Warhol Chairman Mao Russian Salad

Andy Warhol’s Chairman Mao Russian Salad 3

I read somewhere that Andy Warhol was fed Campbell’s soup everyday for lunch by his mother. Have you ever tried Campbell’s soup? …… It tastes dreadful. Both Andy Warhol and myself have Czech mothers, I am not going to tell you what I was fed for lunch nearly everyday while […]

Batman Bruschetta

I don’t think that Batman would want to eat cookies, cupcakes or cake. He is not that sorta person. Here, I try to create a powerful treat that would appeal to the mighty masked one. Using the concept of bruschetta, I created a pesto with yellow bell pepper and a […]

Batman Bruschetta

Snake Pizza

Snake Pizza 3

“What would you like on your pizza?” asked our friend in Italy, addressing my kids. “Pineapple” answered my son joyfully. “Pineapple! that is disgusting” “Chicken” “Chicken! is that a joke?” “Ok, ok, ok beef and feta cheese” no response, a look of horror instead. Turns out that most of what […]

Epic Rainbow Stuffed Vegetables

I am Iraqi and I am proud of it. This week I took a traditional Iraqi dish (dolma) and added a few personal touches to it. First off, the rice stuffing is typically made with either ground beef or lamb. Since my daughters have become vegetarians, I had to adapt […]

Epic Rainbow Stuffed Vegetables

Epic Rainbow Pasta Suace

Epic Rainbow Pasta Sauce

Inspired by a recent trip to Italy. Over there, food is a religion. You are allowed to mess up lots of things in Italy, food is not one of them. A few years ago I saw a movie set in Italy called I AM Love. A subplot in the story […]

Rainbow Polkadot Pancake

I was thinking about how in my novel Graffiti Hack, I left certain part of the story out on purpose, with plenty of hints to indicate what is really going on. The best part of any story always remains untold. Therefore it is polka dot type of a novel with […]

Rainbow Polkadot Pancake


Paul Klee :: Eat Your Art

This is the first Eat Your Art challenge where the taste was improved by the artwork. Using Paul Klee’s “Woman in Peasant Dress” I created a vegetarian Shepard’s Pie. During my trip in Switzerland I got to see many artworks by Paul Klee. I was moved by how he could […]

Heaven :: Eat Your Art

The word heaven has been swirling lots in my mind the last week. After a two month trip in Europe, I keep thinking how heavenly it is to sleep in my own bed. How fantastic it is to wake up in the morning and make coffee in my pyjamas. How […]

Food Heaven

Burano Italy

Top 10 Magical Moments from my Europe Trip 2

Click in the image to see a bigger one. 10. Rainbow over the Alps 9. Train Football To pass time on many train rides, inspired by FIFA matches, my son invented train football (soccer for north americans). It starts by scrunching paper tissue into a ball. Using the side tables […]

Exit through Florence Italy – Graffiti 2

During a recent trip to Florence Italy, I noticed this playful graffiti at different parts of the town. I enjoyed the subtlety. Here are a few other images from Florence to give you a sense of context.

Exit graffiti in Florence Italy

polka dot park

Switzerland’s Obesession with Polka dots

I have been in Switzerland for a few weeks and everywhere I look I see polka dots. Let me illustrate with a few examples. A Polka dot park at EPFL in Lausanne Polka dot fountain spotted at Pierre Gianadda Foundation in Martigny. This one moved in circular motion while squirting […]

Pixels :: Eat Your Art

Last week’s Eat Your Art project was so exhausting I wanted to do something fun and easy instead. I decided to make pixel art version of princess Leia in crackers and cheese. Well! It didn’t turn out so easy after all, in fact it was much more work than I […]


story illustrated with pancakes

Story illustrated with pancakes

This was a huge amount of work. The most difficult Eat Your Art challenge thus far. Only this one should be called Eat Your Story perhaps. The first edible story in human history. The first batch was a failure. The batter was either too lumpy or too runny. I either […]

Banksy :: Eat Your Art 1

So this is my first Eat Your Art fail. Feeling heart broken, but at least I have something yummy to eat. The idea was to make pashtida and imprint an iconic Banksy image on it. Pashtida is similar to quiche with no crust therefore it is easier to make and […]

thumb - Copy

Tertris in Rice

Tetris :: Eat Your Art

The spices I ended up using were: black sesame regular sesame turmeric sumac red paprika I tried creating orange by mixing turmeric and red paprika but that didn’t look so well. Creating all those cubes was labor intensive and I found myself having to wash out the mold every four […]

Starry Night :: Eat Your Art

Here is my laughable attempt at trying to create a painting using food. I give you my version of Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh.

Edible Art

Gravel and Water Heart

Gravel and Water Made Love

Gravel and Water Made Love One said to the other: You grate me into plops rub me with sizes that shape me wrong Gravel replied: Purity condescending a washes my nature. You tempt well meaning feet to tread where they should not

Storyteller’s Promise 2

If I told you that there is a path that will not make you rich, in fact might make you less rich than you are today, will not make you more popular, in fact might make you less popular, will not bring you enlightenment, will not give you happiness, will […]

Orange Flowers against sky and beach

Orange is not my favorite color

Orange is not my favorite color (poem)

I am lonely I am lonely I wear an orange dress to cheer me up Reminds me of the sun a subtle embrace intensity of your gaze Orange is only my second favorite color. With you I wore rain and wind Your heat was enough to brighten my days This […]